Moss Wall Tips & Ideas

Moss walls have gained so much popularity over the years and if you have been eyeing this style, then keep reading for more tips that we have gathered for you.

Moss paintings

With the help of moss painting panels, you can easily replace conventional paintings and create a more lively atmosphere in your spaces. Moss paintings are so versatile and can be incorporated in the living room or even your bedrooms. This will see you satisfy your craving for natural greenery even indoors. In addition to that, creating your own moss painting panels is quite easy, all you need is a quality frame, mesh and dried moss.

Room dividers

If you consider simple room dividers to be a bit boring, then you can choose the moss room dividers. They are unique, stylish and it is a great way of incorporating natural beauty to your home when separating very large rooms.

Huge moss walls

If you are not shy from making a statement in your home, you go ahead and embrace that huge moss wall. Get creative with the wall and play around with different designs and patterns that moss has to offer to create that striking look.

Faux walls

In case you would like to add some greenery to your home without adding the actual moss, you can use faux greenery which requires minimal effort to care for.

More tips to consider

  • Pair the moss with colorful accents
  • You can use moss for green wall signage
  • Pairing moss with a dark themed room adds a pop of color to it

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